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Would You Like To Help A Hospitalized Child Heal?

Discover How The Road To Healing For A Sick Child Is Paved By The Family Staying Together!

Just for a moment, imagine your son or daughter being diagnosed with a serious illness, sickness, or injury.

Upon hearing this news, just imagine your initial stress and your concern for your child.

Imagine the doctor telling you that you need to take your child to a hospital, over an hour away from your home, to receive the best possible medical care.

Upon hearing this news, just for a moment, imagine your fear, anxiety, and uncertainty!

Imagine staying 16, 18, 20 hours, or more each day in a hospital in an unfamiliar environment, in an unfamiliar city, where you don’t know anyone, as you support your child, who is fighting to get well.

Imagine the financial duress of having to leave your work for days, weeks, and sometimes even for months, while you help your child fight through his or her illness or injury, and heal.

Imagine the “roller coaster of emotions” each day as you watch your child’s health take two steps forward and then one step back on his or her road to recovery.

Imagine the stress, anxiety, and uncertainty of watching your son or daughter fight for his or her life each day for weeks and sometimes even months!

Just for a moment, imagine the stress that you would feel, if you and your family were placed in this situation, because your child was hospitalized, while being seriously sick or injured!

Now imagine, offering families facing these challenges a warm, safe, and secure place to stay.

Imagine offering families with a sick or injured child in the hospital, a warm, free meal each day.

Just imagine, offering these families a quiet place to rest each night, after a day of pure exhaustion, from the emotional toll of their child being in the hospital.

Just imagine, offering these families an environment to meet other parents, who are experiencing similar circumstances with their seriously sick or injured child.

Imagine families supporting each other, crying together, cheering for each other, and praying together!

At the Ronald McDonald House in Charlottesville, we help families with sick or injured children in the hospital, who are actually living these situations for days, weeks, and sometimes even months.  

At the Ronald McDonald House in Charlottesville, we help parents and children, who are living these situations by giving them a “home away from home”, so their families can stay together.

At the Ronald McDonald House in Charlottesville, we help families stay together, by allowing the parents to stay with their sick or injured child, without the additional financial burden of paying for an expensive hotel room.

At the Ronald McDonald House in Charlottesville, we help families stay together, so the sick or injured child can heal better and faster!

Help us continue our passion for keeping families together during a time, when they need to be together the most!

Please, make a donation to the Ronald McDonald House of Charlottesville. Your donation will provide an enduring Gift of Togetherness to children and their families, who are staying at the RMH in Charlottesville, VA!

$95 Level
  • Covers the cost to host 1 family for a single night.
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$300 Level
  • Benefits listed for $150 level, Plus
  • Partially Covers The Costs of:
  •  Special cleaning supplies for family areas
  •  Cable and internet for families.
  •  Linen and towel supply costs.
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Or, if you would like to make a donation with a specific amount not listed above, then every donation allows us to help support families with sick children in the hospital!

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As always, thank you in advance for your support!

Rita Ralston

Executive Director

Ronald McDonald House of Charlottesville, VA

"The one word that describes the Ronald McDonald of Charlottesville is "Love". From the first time you visit, to the families, the staff, to when you return, whether it's two weeks, or two years, families are always welcome back. If there is anyway that you can support the Ronald McDonald House, Baby Finn and I would greatly appreciate it"

Kelly & Finn Blumenthal

Every Donation Allows Us To Help Support Families With Sick Children In The Hospital!

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