2019 Rising Stars - Ronald McDonald House Charlottesville

Arthur C. Greene Rising Star Awards

Bronwyn Beardsley Theater

Meet Bronwyn of St. Anne’s-Belfield School. This sophomore’s artistic discipline is theater. Last year, as an outgrowth of an Independent Study idea – “Acting for Film, Acting for Stage” (that she designed), she wrote a beautiful play. She spent countless hours revising her play, working through scenes with her actors, rehearsing, directing, and producing her work.

She has come up with another Independent Study idea for her junior year – “Directing for Film and Stage: The Art and the Science.” In addition to the Independent Study, she will be the Teaching Assistant in Theater Arts 2 Class.

Arina Bratkovska Theater

Meet Arina of Western Albemarle High School. This senior’s artistic discipline is theater. She has been in school plays and musicals and proven herself to be an extremely talented actress, dancer, and singer.

This past year she was featured in Legally Blonde the Musical as Serina and was adorably upbeat. She has been a dance captain for several musicals, as well as a choreographer. This year she is teaching an entire choreography unit to the Musical Theater class.

Mila Cesaretti Theater

Mila Cesaretti Meet Mila of Charlottesville High School. This senior’s artistic discipline is theater. She has been actively involved in the theater program from Les Misérables as a 7th grader to the featured role of Roxie in Chicago. Mila was able to attend the NYU Tisch Summer High School Meisner studio.

She assistant directed a powerful work in the theater community at Live Arts called Fun Home. Whether she is directing, performing, designing, composing, or devising, her dedicated commitment is a testament to her desire to achieve greatness in theater arts.

Sahara Clemons Drawing, Painting, 3D Mixed Media, and Graphic Design

Sahara Clemons Meet Sahara of Charlottesville High School. This senior’s artistic disciplines are drawing, painting, 3D mixed media, and graphic design. She is brimming with insight and thought and is respected by her peers and perceived as a leader, particularly in class critiques where she comfortably contributes and welcomes feedback on art.

Sahara was selected to attend the 2018 Virginia Summer Residential Governor’s School where she worked side by side with top visual art students from across the commonwealth. On two separate occasions she received recognition and awards from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Teen Styling Competition.

Sophia Colby Music (Pianist) and Writing

Sophia Colby Meet Sophia of Renaissance School. This junior’s artistic disciplines are music and writing. As a talented pianist, she is currently enrolled in The Royal Conservatory Music Program Level 7 in Piano Performance and Music Theory. She has been the accompanist for the Renaissance School production of Alice in Wonderland, and has performed at many school shows and events.

Her writing work Orpheus, Eurydice, and Death was published in the 2018 Crossroads IX Literary Anthology, and won the Fourth Place Award. She is the Assistant Editor in Chief of the Alighieri Literary Journal of Renaissance School. This summer, she attended the Juniper Institute of Young Writers at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Mary Dwyer Writing

Mary Dwyer Meet Mary of Albemarle High School. This senior’s artistic discipline is writing. In the fall of 2017, she applied to be a mentee and has been an invaluable member of The Tupelo Press Teen Writing Center. She has been a strong presence as student leader in the program, providing editorial support, and coordinating with other students over course of the year including holding and leading meetings to develop a printed version of our “Memory Bank” curriculum.

This exemplary writer has been published in anthologies associated with the University of Virginia Art Museum and the Tupelo Press Teen Writing Center as well as The Lantern, the Albemarle High School student literary magazine. When not writing, Mary can be found sharing her knowledge in the writing lab at her school, and mentoring other students.

Sarah Garretson Orchestra (Cello) and Chorus (Vocal Music)

Sarah Garretson Meet Sarah of Charlottesville High School. This senior’s artistic disciplines are orchestra (cello) and chorus (vocal music). Sarah is the principal cellist of the nationally recognized Charlottesville High School String Ensemble. She has performed with the Youth Orchestra of Central Virginia and studied at Brevard Summer Institute. She has earned selection for the prestigious South Central Senior Regional Orchestra every year she has been eligible.

For the past two years, she has been a leading voice in the choir program, as a member of the Morning Choir. She has represented her high school twice at All-District Choir. As a junior, she earned selection to the elite 2018 All-Virginia Choir.

Moaysia Jackson Theater and Music

Moaysia Jackson Meet Moaysia of Monticello High School. This senior’s artistic discipline is theater and music. She is an inordinately talented actor who has garnered several acting awards over the years for her performances at the VHSL and VTA festivals. This year she has a lead role in both of our one act plays, so she will again be performing at both the VTA and VHSL competitions.

Moaysia has had a lead role in every musical since she was in ninth grade. She was a soloist in the gospel based musical Memphis, Daniela in In the Heights, Ida Mae in Leap of Faith, and she will surely nab a lead role in our upcoming musical Once on this Island. Moaysia has also done quite a bit of creating on her own. She is a composer with her own soundcloud site and she has written the song for our current one act play, “Moxie.” She has also been a member of our improvisation team for the past few years.

Tyasia Lindsay Dance

Tyasia Lindsay Meet Tyasia of Monticello High School. This senior’s artistic discipline is dance. She has been dancing on the Monticello stage for the past three years and will be dancing all of this year as well. Tyasia has been a lead dancer in Monticello High School musicals for years. She has been a lead dancer and lead choreographer for several musicals.

Tyasia taught dance for several summers at the Boys and Girl’s Club of Southwood. This past summer, she worked as an intern for DMR Adventures and apprenticed the Broadway choreographer/dancer Deon Ridley. Tyasia will be presenting a choreography workshop at the Virginia Theatre Conference in Norfolk this November. She will be auditioning for the VCU dance program this spring.

India Mawn Fine Arts, Drawing, Painting, and Fiber Arts

India Mawn Meet India of Western Albemarle High School. This senior’s artistic disciplines are Fine Arts, Drawing, Painting, and Fiber Arts. At 14, she was awarded an art scholarship to attend classes at the Carnegie Art Museum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which led to an invitation to be on the Teen Advisory Board at the Andy Warhol Museum. Her art was chosen to advertise the YOUTH INVASION teen event in Mt. Lebenon, Pennsylvania that same year. A final honor was receiving a commission from the Carnegie Libraries to create 6 artworks advertising their teen events. These artworks were mass printed and are still in use today.

India is the youngest of 12 artists chosen to create a piece of art for the SIGNS OF CHANGE exhibit sponsored by the Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative in partnership with The Fralin Museum of Art, and the Jefferson School for African American Heritage Center. She is painting an artwork communicating a moment in Charlottesville's black history that is largely unknown to most residents which will be exhibited in Charlottesville as a billboard piece and in the art show in 2018-2019.

Tristan Rose Theater and Choir

Tristan Rose Meet Tristan of Western Albemarle High School. This senior’s artistic discipline is theater and choir. Tristan has participated in the choir program all four years, being an exemplary singer and leader within the tenor section. He has also successfully auditioned into and participated in City/County and District Choir for multiple years.

Tristan also participates heavily in the theater program at Western Albemarle High School, being cast in almost every show since his freshman year. His two most recent roles include the Minstrel in “Once Upon A Mattress” and Emmett in “Legally Blonde.” According to the Crozet Gazette, “Emmett was masterfully played and sung by Tristan Rose, who was the musical standout of the show with his gorgeous, velvet voice and humble charm.”

Jonathan Swap Ceramic Arts

Jonathan Swap Meet Jonathan of Albemarle High School. This junior’s art discipline is ceramic arts. He is an exceptional student who has gone well beyond the average art student. This year he is interning with the art department as the Ceramic Arts Lab Technician as well as taking ceramic classes for two blocks.

Jonathan’s dedication and interest for knowledge goes well beyond the typical high school student. After graduation, Jonathan plans to continue his studies at the collegiate level at Christopher Newport University.

Astrid Weisand Theater

Meet Astrid of Albemarle High School. This senior’s artistic discipline is creative writing. As a student, staff, and intern at The Tupelo Press Teen Writing Center, Astrid’s work has been exemplary, her dedication genuine, and her passion for writing to be a guiding force in her life.

Her writing has been published in anthologies associated with the University of Virginia Art Museum and the Tupelo Press Teen Writing Center. This year she volunteered to be a co-editor-in-chief of the anthology and offered to help lead a workshop for a middle school writing retreat.